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Walking with a Purpose - My Mile For Every Year!

What can be better than celebrating your birthday, walking for good health and amongst it all findinga hidden purpose that warms the heart.  I walked My Mile For Every Year this month over three days with a handful of special people in my life. When it was all said I was tired from walking but grateful for sharing my life with others because its true connections that make us whole. 

When I created My Mile For Every Year tradition almost a decade ago I walked to celebrate turning a year older while embracing healthy aging, reflecting on the past year and setting goals for the year ahead.  Spending time walking places I had never experienced opened my mind to new ideas and rejuvenated my life!

After the first few years I begin sharing My Mile For Every Mile with my family and friends. When you spend time with those you don't spend enough time with or see as often as you like, a good amount of time is spent catching up. Spending time with someone in person you not only share stories but share feelings and emotion too.

Being their for others while being active, I feel, is truly a blessing. Sometimes we push each other to keep going, other times we share an experience effecting how we feel about ourselves that can impact our health or how much time we spend taking care of ourselves. Something as simple as walking together brings about conversation we may not share otherwise because there is not enough time, the location is not quite private enough, or we maybe we feel guarded.  Walking is one of the best exercises we can give ourselves because it allows us to be active, open up our hearts, and often times allows us to share thoughts and ideas we may choose to keep inside on any other day.

I created my Mile For Every Year to walk a mile for every year I am old, plus one for good luck. With each year I have more life experiences and more stories to share with those who walk with me, which is good because I walk more miles and have more time! While I am sharing I am also learning from those who walk with me. With each mile we share loves, losses, challenges, goals, successes, or dreams. 

My Mile For Every Year has been an inspiration for (my) life and many readers who have shared their stories. One thing that has been synonymous among our stories is that finding our purpose in life has come from many influences but the opportunity presented itself when we were most relaxed and open to ideas. Our purpose in life also changes from time to time, especially with experience, so taking the time to recognize when our life and needs change is significant to our journey and the person we are each day... for the rest of our lives. 

Find your Mile For Every Year... and Your Purpose in Life (or maybe the other way around, whatever works for you!)

In good health, Candice

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