Can Do w/ Candice

Join us for our August Accountability Healthy Life Moves 

Understanding accountability is the first step to living your best life. No matter what you

are doing, being accountable is a day to day effort. Below are over healthy, personal and

professional accountability moves YOU can complete during the month of August.

Engage in all 32 moves or a minimum 14


 * If you are currently part of a Challenge - write down in your journal why you are

participating and what you want to get out of the exercise

* Look up 5 new words and try using them in a sentence

* Decide how you are going to celebrate you on your next birthday, start planning!

* Drink at least 100 ounces of water - 10 days of the month

* Reread the best chapter in a book that changed your life

* Say hello to at least 4 new people each day no matter where you are

* Eat a new vegetable or fruit in a recipe

* Forgive someone who you believe has done you wrong

* Freshen up your resume even if you don't plan to use it - reflect on your accomplishments and future dreams

* Try on all the clothes in your closet that you have not worn in the past 2 years, get rid of anything that doesn't fit.

* Schedule that preventative exam/appt you have been putting off

* Find 3 new ways to add fresh lemon juice to your daily food and drinks

* Sing or dance to your favorite song

* Pick 1 core exercise each day and spend 10 minutes working your core

* Write a letter to someone you have been thinking about

* Donate your time at least 1x per month, whatever fits your schedule

* Compliment someone just because

* Finish a home project you started and have not finished

* Meditate 5-10 minutes, 1x per week

* Apologize to someone you have offended or hurt

* Get to know at least 1 new person

* Walk 15,000+ steps at least 10 days of the month

* Create an opportunity to have that difficult conversation with someone, try a new perspective

* Write in your journal at least 14 days of the month

* Finish a book you recently started

* Try a new exercise or activity you have been wanting to do

* Write down what you are grateful for, reflect on it often

* Learn your blood type and research the best/worst foods (for your type)

* Start/finish a craft project you have wanted to do for awhile

* Look up the name and origin of a flower you have admired

* Enjoy a soak bath 1x per week during the month

Accountability coaching to assist you with personal, professional and health goals. The program includes one-on-one coaching, daily reminders, monthly webinars and discounts on retreats, workshops and products. 

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