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The Year of You & the Reality of a New Years Resolution!

As we come to the end of January many of you are probably beginning to see the reality of your new year new you resolution. You started off the new year driven to get in shape and shed pounds you gained over the holidays or the last few years. Maybe you want to exercise and get in better shape or just live a healthier lifestyle. I hope you are well on your way to the healthiest and happiest version of yourself! Others may see their focus starting to waver or their drive is beginning to weaken. It’s true, eventually everyone must regroup and reshape their vision of good health but to truly succeed two things must happen. You need to find your why and create goals to support your vision as you commit to attaining those goals.

Personally I am not a big fan of new year’s resolutions because I believe it’s a strategy that sets us up to fail. Instead I encourage readers to focus on the most important or motivating factor in their lives when striving for good health. Only when we know what and why we are working towards a goal will we be most successful. There are many who embrace a New Year’s Resolution and that’s great, but the plain truth is people who set a New Year’s resolutions often don’t create a personal vision and tie that vision to specific goals – making them less likely to stay focused.

Have you created a healthy lifestyle vision for yourself? If not, let’s start here, an example vision for you might be, in 6 months I want to have lost 25 pounds and be in overall better shape.  Once you have a vision you must begin writing short and long-term goals to support that vision.

What types of goals should you include to support your vision? How should you shape those goals? These are key questions that you need to integrate into your vision and A Mile For Every Year, The Year of You is the perfect resource to assist you thoroughly complete your healthy vision with specific goals, and includes additional content on strategies for success, stress management, and much more!

A Mile for Every Year is not about a new year’s resolution but instead focuses on assisting you achieve health goals today and all year through! The Mile for Every Year Journal Series leads the health and wellness industry by providing content to guide readers find, live, and celebrate healthy living - creating a journey unique to your motivation, goals, and lifestyle.

Visit us at to order your copy of The Year of You and join others who have been successful with the Mile For Every Year methodology. You can also enter your email address and join our social media community to receive educational and motivational content all month long to support you on your journey of good health.

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